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Committees and Commissions

Ecumenical & Interfaith Relations

The Rev. Canon Maria Tjelveit, Ecumenical and Interfaith Officer and Chair


The Rev. John Francis, co-chair
Carol Keane, co-chair

General Convention Deputation

Deputies – Clerical Deputies – Lay
The Very Rev. Tony Pompa Ms. Cathy Bailey – Chair of the Deputation
The Rev. T. Scott Allen Mr. Mark Laubach
The Rev. Canon Anne E. Kitch Dr. Linda Rogers
The Rev. Megan Dembi Ms. Sophie Kitch-Peck
Alternates- Clerical Alternates- Lay
The Rev. Canon Maria Tjelveit Ms. Rebecca Beal
The Rev. Jane Bender Mr. Peter Gonze
The Rev. John C. Wagner
The Rev. Canon Andrew Gerns

Lifelong Christian Formation

The Rev. Canon Anne E. Kitch, chair

Liturgy and Music

The Rev. Douglas Moyer, chair

Diocesan Peace and Justice Network

Barbara Gessner, chair


The Rev. Jim Rinehart, chair