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#GC79-Day 8

Dr. Linda K. Rogers speaks on the adoption of resolution A238-Admit Episcopal Diocese of Cuba as a Diocese of The Episcopal Church, which lead to the Diocese of Cuba being welcomed back into the Episcopal Church, with seat and voice at this year’s General Convention. Read the resolution.

#GC79-Day 7

The Very Rev. Tony Pompa speaks on the revised resolution A068- Plan for the Revision of the Book of Common Prayer that was passed by both the House of Bishops (July 10) and the House of Deputies (July 11). Read the full text of the resolution.

#GC79-Day 6

Emily Garrity speaks on the third TEConversation of General Convention, which focused on care of creation, and reflects on her own impact on the environment. About TEConversations

#GC79-Day 5

Sophie Kitch-Peck speaks on D016-Seeking Truth, Reconciliation and Restoration, which would establish a Task Force for Women, Truth, and Reconciliation.

#GC79-Day 4

The Rev. Canon Anne Kitch speaks on being elected to Executive Council.

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