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Standing Committee

The members of the standing committee serve as the ecclesiastical authority of the diocese in the absence of the bishop. There are four lay and four ordained members of the committee, all of whom are elected for a four-year term.  “No one so elected shall be eligible for re-election after having served two consecutive terms until after the expiration of one year.”  It is their duty to fill vacancies on elected committees that may occur between conventions; they also are asked to approve ordinations in the diocese and to approve the election of bishops in other dioceses in the ECUSA.

Class of 2018

  • The Rev. James Rinehart, retired, Vice-President
  • Raymond Arcario, Cathedral Church of the Nativity

Class of 2019

  • The Rev. Earl Trygar, St. Mark’s, Moscow
  • Liza Holzinger, St. Andrew’s, Allentown, Secretary

Class of 2020

  • The Rev. Jane Bender, All Saints, Lehighton
  • Carol C. McMullen,  St. Luke’s, Scranton

Class of 2021

  • The Rev. Douglas Moyer, Christ Church, Stroudsburg, President
  • Lynne Graham, St. Paul’s Montrose