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Diocesan Budget

The Diocesan Mission Statement

Live God’s love: tell what you have seen and heard.

TO:  Diocesan Ministries & Programs, Program Committee, Finance Committee

FROM:  Charlie Barebo, Treasurer and Archdeacon Rick Cluett

DATE:  March 29, 2016

SUBJECT:  The 2017 Diocesan Budget Application Process

Enclosed, please find the necessary materials so that you may apply for funding from the 2017 Diocesan Mission and Ministry Budget. As financial pressures increase in everyone’s budgeting process, the requirement of enhanced stewardship of funds becomes more critical for us all. To this end, there has been renewed emphasis on the accountability of Diocesan Council to be certain that funds are spent wisely and responsibly.

A budget form that must be used in the application is included for your use. Please respond fully to all questions and return the application to the Archdeacon’s attention by May 15th, 2016, using the format we have provided. Council’s Program Committee will be making recommendations on all budget requests. The Finance Committee will be reviewing all applications in June, so that a final budget for the October Diocesan Convention can be prepared for presentation to Council for approval and submission to the October Convention. Please contact Charlie Barebo or Rick Cluett with any questions.

The Diocesan Vision for Mission: We seek to create communities of faith where all God’s people can deepen their relationship with Jesus. We seek so to live that the Holy Spirit might use us to draw others to Christ. We seek to welcome others to the fellowship of God’s church. This vision will lead us…

  • To live lives of prayer, service, and compassion as we work to build a world of justice and peace.
  • To proclaim the importance of our life together in Christ.
  • To be open to change as the Holy Spirit prompts us.

These principles will guide the prioritizing of ministries to be funded in the diocesan budget.

  • Ministry proposals must carry out the discerned mission and vision of this diocese.
  • The Application must come from a community of interest/ministry.
  • Ministries and Budgets must be mission-oriented, rather than maintenance-oriented and be developed in a “zero-based” process; looking to the future, not to what has been done in the past.
  • Proposed Budgets must be specific, measurable and linked to actual needs, goals, plans, and programs. We are in a period of budget austerity and applications should reflect this reality.
  • Applications will be reviewed according to the mission priorities and available funds.
  • Applications must include a long-range plan and a three-year budget projection.

Download a copy of this letter (pdf)

Download the 2017 Budget Application. (Word)

Download the 2017 budget request form. (Word)