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Commission on Ministry

The Commission on Ministry fulfills the functions specified in Title III Canon 2 of the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church. Specifically, the commission assists and advises the Bishop in the selection and guidance of those entering the ministry and other matters relating to the ministry of the baptized.


Class of 2018

  • The Rev. Melinda Artman, Redeemer, Sayre (filling an unexpired term)
  • Peg Gerns, Trinity, Easton

Class of 2019

  • The Rev. Canon Laura Howell, St. Barnabas, Kutztown
  • Nancy Rinehart, retired

Class of 2020

  • The Rev. Christine Sutton, Prince of Peace, Dallas
  • Robert Schreiber, Christ, Forest City and St. James’, Dundaff

Appointed by the Bishop

  • The Rev. Timothy Alleman, Holy Cross, Wilkes-Barre (Chair)
  • The Rev. Rebecca Barnes, St. Luke’s, Scranton
  • The Rev. Elizabeth Haynes, St. James’, Drifton (RDG Coordinator)
  • The Rev. Susan Treanor, Trinity, Mt. Pocono
  • Laura Drum, Nativity Cathedral, Bethlehem
  • Maggie Niles, Grace, Honesdale

Ex Officio

  • The Rev. Canon Anne Kitch, Canon to the Ordinary